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New bZ4X TV advert: behind the scenes

The latest advert for the all-new, all-electric bZ4X was broadcast for the first time on television on the Friday 10 June 2022. Starring our new all-electric SUV in its Precious Metal colour, the new bZ4X TV advert also features music by Pharrell Williams. Many of you have been asking us, ‘Who is the star of the advert’, so here is some more information.

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Who is the artist/star in the bZ4X TV advert? 

The star of the advert is the bZ4X – this is Toyota’s first battery-electric SUV alongside Daniel Da La Fuente, Jules Diaw, Asha Bah Saloni and Virginia Pizarro.

What is the music in the bZ4X TV advert?  

The song featured in the commercial is Freedom by American rapper Pharrell Williams which was originally released in 2015, two years after his previous global hit ‘Happy’. The video was directed by Paul Hunter and was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2016

What is the storyline of the new bZ4X TV advert? 

The Toyota bZ4X goes beyond the city, beyond barriers, and beyond where you thought possible. The campaign ties together warm family moments to the bZ4X and takes the viewer on an epic adventure. The bZ4X is the hero, the glue between the experiences, and the facilitator in taking the family beyond the electric vehicle limitations to epic moments and new experiences.

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Where was the bZ4X advert filmed;  when was it filmed? 

To fulfil this brief, the commercial was filmed in February 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

How is the story connected to the philosophy behind the bZ4X?

The launch of the bZ4X showcases not only electric vehicle capabilities but our 4 pillars of the bZ sub-brand: You & Car, You & Others, You & Society, You & Environment. 

Who came up with the creative concept for the bZ4X TV advert? 

Phil Beaumont, Elson Rodrigues & Andreas Lefteris of T&P Worldwide

What equipment was used to film the bZ4X TV advert? 

Various camera equipment including Russian arms and bespoke built drones to capture the various dynamic movements. 

Where can I find out more about the new Toyota bZ4X?

If you want to build your own Toyota bZ4X or order a brochure, visit the Toyota retail website for more information. And remember, if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, we’re available on Twitter and Facebook whenever you need us.

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