Facebook: New Tools to Help Community Builders Manage and Nurture Their Groups

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Facebook: New Tools to Help Community Builders Manage and Nurture Their Groups

Today, we’re announcing several new tools to empower community builders based on feedback from group admins.

There are more than 70 million active admins and moderators running Facebook groups around the world, and what they do every day is at the heart of Facebook’s mission of building community and bringing the world closer together.

In fact, four years ago this month, we held our first Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago, where we announced this updated company mission with hundreds of group admins, and shared new features to nurture their communities on Facebook. 

We’ve continued to support them in the years since and here are the new tools we’re rolling out.

Admin Home, a New One-Stop Shop to Manage Your Community

Admin Home is a simpler, more intuitive destination for all admin tools, settings and features that admins can tailor to their needs. With the new experience, admins can: 

  • Quickly see what needs attention across posts, members and reported comments.
  • Find key tools they’re looking for through a clearer, reorganized layout that shows what’s available under each category.
  • Access new features that are rolled out in the future.

New Tools to Help Moderate Conversations and Potential Conflict

Keeping Facebook groups safe is a priority and admins play a key role in helping maintain a safe and healthy culture within their communities. We’re introducing comment moderation to Admin Assist, allowing admins to set up criteria to automatically moderate both posts and comments. Now available across desktop and mobile, admins have the ability to:

  • Restrict people who don’t qualify to participate based on several options, such as how long they’ve had a Facebook account or how long they have been a member of the group.
  • Reduce promotional content by declining posts and comments with specific links, with the ability to provide feedback for the author, so they can edit their post and re-submit it for review.
  • Use suggested criteria from Facebook to help defend the group against spam, maintain positive discussions and resolve conflicts within the group. Admins can browse, add and edit that criteria to meet the needs of their group. Admins have the option to undo specific actions from Admin Assist, or to change and refine criteria over time.

We’re also testing a new type of Moderation Alert called Conflict Alerts. This uses AI to detect and  notify admins when there may be contentious or unhealthy conversations in their group, so they can take action as needed.

In situations where it may be helpful to slow down a conversation, admins can temporarily limit how often specific group members can comment, and control how often comments can be made on certain posts that admins select.

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New Ways for Community Builders to Reinforce Community Culture

It’s important for admins to be able to set, shape and reinforce a community’s culture. Understanding who their members are and setting clear rules and norms for the community to follow is at the center of that. 

We’re introducing a new member summary feature so that admins can see a consolidated summary of each group member’s activity in the group, such as the number of times they have posted and commented, or when they’ve had posts removed or been muted in the group. 

Admins can now appeal violations for content they or other admins posted, or that they approved from members, as well as content from members. These appeals will be reviewed by Facebook to make sure the right decision was made.

To help make it easier to share and enforce rules in Groups, admins and moderators can now tag group rules in comments and posts. Members can also tag specific group rules when they report posts and comments to admins, helping make community moderation simpler.

Over the last few months, we’ve also made several updates to our admin tools based on specific feedback we’ve heard from our admin community. This includes features like pinned comments, admin announcement notifications, and a range of other features you can read about in our Community Blog.

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Join us on Wednesday, June 16 at 10am PT for our FB Live, Community Connect: Announcing New Tools To Manage and Nurture Your Groups.