Facebook: New Ways for EMEA Creators to Grow Their Businesses on Facebook

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Facebook: New Ways for EMEA Creators to Grow Their Businesses on Facebook

To help grow the creator economy, we’re developing monetisation tools so that creators at all stages of their growth can build a sustainable business. Today, we’re announcing tools that will give creators in EMEA new opportunities to earn a living and engage their communities. We’re also extending our commitment to not collect any revenue share from their earnings in Subscriptions, Badges in Facebook Live and Paid Online Events by an additional year, through to January 1, 2024.

Offering New Opportunities to Connect with Subscribers

In the 19 EMEA countries where Facebook Subscriptions are available, we’re introducing new creator-friendly and easy-to-use tools, designed to help creators build authentic relationships with their subscribers. Starting today, creators will be able to share a post that’s visible to subscribers only using the mobile composer, gain access to Subscriptions via mobile — making it easier to connect with subscribers on-the-go, acknowledge new subscribers with appreciation posts and Stories and receive recommendations of high-priority comments so they don’t miss important replies to their posts.

Subscriptions allow a creator’s audience to up the level of support for their work. They enable consistent, predictable monthly earnings which we know creators find useful in maintaining a stable business. As we build for the future, we know that creators are looking to new technologies to give them more control over their work, their relationship with their fans and how they can monetise both. 

Helping Creators Do More of What They Love With Stars

We want more emerging and established creators to have success with Stars. Not only does it offer the opportunity to monetise, Stars also gives creators signals about their content, like the type of posts their fans like the most. Viewers can buy and send Stars while streaming a creator’s content and for every star a creator receives, they’ll earn money.

In December last year, we began testing Stars in more places, from videos on News Feed to the gaming tab. We’re pleased that soon, we’ll introduce Stars to Reels on Facebook in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK. We’re moving from invite-only to an open program, meaning that in the coming months, creators that meet the newly released public eligibility criteria, will be able to receive Stars from people who watch their Reels on Facebook. Creators will also be able to onboard the Stars program directly from their mobile and check their earnings by content type (e.g. reels, live) and once they’re fully onboarded, they’ll be able to turn Stars on and off for their posts from the post Composer. 

To celebrate Stars coming to Facebook Reels, we’ve brought back Stars Fest to these countries. Taking place from June 15 through to July 15, the month-long celebration gives creators the opportunity to more than double their average monthly Stars earnings. This time, Stars Fest features a Stars sale to encourage new and longtime fans to send Stars, limited-time virtual gifts and badges for people who send more than 500 Stars, new educational content to help creators improve their relationships with subscribers, a week of creator programming and a bonus opportunity that multiplies Stars earnings for select Stars on Reels. We’ve also launched the #StarsEverywhere competition, where creators who started using Stars between June 15 and July 31 can compete to win $1,000 by adding #StarsEverywhere to their posts during that time.