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Join us for the World Breathing Day celebration on April 11th this year and every year!

World Breathing Day is on April 11th – Join the International Breathwork Foundation and changemakers from around the world as we BREATHE PEACE!

When we breathe peace, we become the place where peace exists.”

— Rabie Hayek


The world is in a state of transformation and growth on so many levels at the same time and it is apparent that powerful tools are needed that bring about ease and harmony in times of upheaval and seeming uncertainty. So many people all over the world are seeking a path to peace and the World Breathing Day is here to offer a very specific and available one.


In a world still taking part in war, how can humans create peace and resolve conflict from where they stand and breathe?

On April 11th, take part in a global celebration of the practice of conscious breathing and the power of breathing together. Take this moment to ponder that conscious breathing is a very local medicine and unifying power that is available to everyone no matter what their race, religion, social status or how many followers they have on social media.

The International Breathwork Foundation and its global community of breathworkers and beacons of light in the peace and wellness communities all over the globe would like to remind humans of all ages once per year, on World Breathing Day, of the powerful medicine that is conscious breathing and the power of us, breathing together to unite.

For a quarter of a century, the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) has been representing and working with breathing experts and gathering expertise and knowledge on the arts, science, history, and practices of conscious breathing. IBF programs and activities improve the lives and well-being of people of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the global projects from within the IBF that is seeking to breathe peace into classrooms all over the world is Conscious Breathing in the Classroom (CBC). IBF professional member and breathworker of many years, Joann Lowell, and her team of highly esteemed breathworkers, have been training teachers with a particular curriculum all around the world. She will be presenting how teachers can get involved and learn the CBC curriculum and affect children for many years to come, on the official Zoom event happening on World Breathing Day.

What do we mean by BREATHE PEACE?

At first glance, one might think it as an abstract concept, but is it? This is a simple invitation to celebrate the ability to breathe consciously, to bring about peace and to cultivate it from within. As people cultivate peace for themselves, they can choose to share that peace, in all the ways that humans do. People can also care for the peace of their fellow humans through the act of breathing together consciously. It is also an act of compassion for people to want their fellow global citizens to know how to find peace once and for all. In all of these ways, humans breathe peace.

World Breathing Day is a day when people all over the world come together in one global collective breath to teach, learn, share, celebrate, meditate, dance, be creative, inspire, and be inspired by the community of breath around the world.

Consciously breathing together has a power to unite humans beyond all of the separating lines that have been drawn in society. The race, religious and culture wars going on have created differences and have woven fear and separation. Perhaps the medicine and the remedy are to breathe peace?

Visionary of and World Breathing Day co-creator Rabie Hayek shares,

“Amidst the war in Russia/Ukraine and the various warring societies such as Israel/Palestine and the zones of hunger and strife in our world, humans must have a way and a place to create peace and to become peace so that we may breathe peace. When we breathe peace, we become the place where peace exists.”

Therefore, the perfect place to meet to create peace isn’t peace talks which have so often played out in struggles between warring countries and governments. It is using this silent power of breathing peacefully together by choice as participants of one world and caring that our neighbors are breathing peacefully.

Having endured an attack on respiratory/breathing systems with the pandemic and all that came with it, many people have finally returned to creating fantastic, robust health regimens and leaders in personal development have recently taken notice of one thing, more than seemingly any other in the realm of human development:

Conscious Breathing

Share! Participate in the Fun and BREATHE!:

● World Breathing Day 2023 offers an interactive and experiential, FREE online global Zoom event in two different time zones for your convenience (USA & Europe) and to celebrate with friends around the world throughout the day. During this event, qualified, prominent and experienced breathwork practitioners will share evidence-based breathing techniques to BREATHE PEACE!

Register for the Zoom Event Here

● If you have the possibility, go outside into nature or a favorite meditation spot and breathe. Breathe peace with others around you by breathing together in a simple flow and feel what you add to the collective celebration on April 11th this year and each year on April 11.

On April 11th celebrate and BREATHE PEACE with the world!

Please share and hold events in your part of the world, raising consciousness around this great and FREE power! The more people who consciously breathe together, the more that is contributed to a healthier world.

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Post photos and videos of yourself, your friends and/or your event on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags: #WorldBreathingDay #BreatheWBD

A Fun WBD Activity to join in: Post the word “BREATHE” by itself on any and all social media platforms all day on World Breathing Day and help us make a roar that reminds humanity to breathe! The simple one word post becomes a call to action and your friends will appreciate the reminder!]

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International Breathwork Foundation
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