3 Reasons to sell your car for an automatic

3 Reasons to sell your car for an automatic

There’s nothing more satisfying than setting your cruise control and blasting out the tunes as you road trip across the country. And there are few activities more frustrating than negotiating clutch control on an incline at a faulty robot during peak hour traffic. Though both activities take place in your car, one situation makes all the hard work of purchasing the vehicle worth it, while the other makes you wish you had walked instead. But there’s a better alternative than power walking or cycling to your destination. Why not sell your car and upgrade to an automatic? 

Though there are obviously a few cons in the debate of whether to purchase an automatic over a manual, we have listed some of the best reasons to ditch the clutch and sell your car for an automatic:

#1 A simpler drive

Whether you take the decision to upsize or downsize when selling your car for an automatic, you can rest assured that the switch from manual to automatic will definitely be a smoother experience.

An automatic option is easier since you don’t need to worry about the dreaded ‘clutch control’. No rolling back on hills and no stalling! (A dream for any learner driver). And automatic drivers have the luxury of their left legs taking a break to focus on other aspects of driving.

With physical activity kept to the minimum, driving enjoyment is optimised. (Because if you wanted to sweat, you would have walked). Simply shift to ‘D’ and only worry about the gear again when you need to park.

automatic gears

#2 A safer drive

The number of people who die on South African roads during the December holidays is alarming. Arrive Alive had this to say: “The fact that 1,685 people died on the country’s roads in the short period from December 1, 2021 to January 11, 2022 indicates that current approaches are simply ineffective. And unless the urgent intervention focuses on road safety education, more extensive traffic law enforcement, and better prosecution of offenders, these numbers will not reduce.” 

While driving under the influence, speeding, distracted driving and driver tiredness are among the top reasons for these shocking stats, driving an automatic does give motorists a leg-up when it comes to concentrating on speed and road position.

Even though there are no stats to confirm whether manual or automatic cars get into more accidents, less multitasking must surely help to keep you (and your fellow passengers) safer behind the wheel.

Automatic cars rest easy in cruise control and cope better in heavy traffic conditions, so perhaps it’s time to sell your manual car on a reliable, safe and hassle-free online platform for the best cash price.

automatic car driver

#3 A super drive for all

Many persons with physical disabilities want to remain as independent as possible and therefore require a ride that can get them from A to B with minimal physical strain and assistance. 

According to Disability Info South Africa, an automatic car simplifies the driving process for the physically challenged and reduces the number of actions required at any one time. 

When you sell your car for an automatic, you not only make a wise decision for the uncertain future, you also make a frugal financial choice.

Automatics may appear more costly at the outset, but if they are well-maintained, they end up selling for a higher price, giving you more bang for your buck in the long run. 

Sell your manual car today and shift gears for a simpler drive.