4 Boxes to tick when selling your damaged car

4 Boxes to tick when selling your damaged car

Selling a used vehicle in this day and age of technology and online platforms can seem as easy as uploading a few details and photos, detailing its condition and waiting on a stream of buyers to make a bid. However, in the case of trying to sell a damaged car, a lot more factors come into play in trying to salvage some value from your less than an immaculate set of wheels.

Perhaps you’re in a situation where you are sitting on negative equity with the cost of fixing a handful of major parts outweighing the current market value of your vehicle. Or perhaps your car has been written off after a major accident. Don’t let such a vehicle sit idly in your garage or backyard. No matter the cause, the option to sell your damaged car and recoup a significant amount of cash is always a viable option. 

Here are four boxes to tick to help you sell your damaged car and salvage some cash for your next vehicle purchase. 

#1 Gather your paperwork

Even If you are considering selling your damaged car voetstoots (as is), you are still required to go through all the paperwork (even if that includes deregistering it) before transferring the damaged vehicle to its new owner. 

This includes

  • Payment of any outstanding fines
  • A Settlement letter from the bank, if still under finance
  • Notification of change of ownership
  • Application for Vehicle Registration Certificate requiring your details.

Make sure you can retrieve or request copies of these important documents so that the dreaded bureaucracy doesn’t stall your chance to sell a wrecked car at the final hurdle

#2 Get a current Inspection 

Considering that many buyers will be putting your vehicle under the microscope when you try to sell your damaged car, it is worthwhile to have an inspection done to check for any further accident damage that affects your asking price. Whether your car is bought for scrap parts or for restoration, it is important to be honest and straightforward about its entire condition. 

Contact your local mechanic or dealership to see if they can do a full inspection and diagnosis of its current state so you can sell what’s left with sound peace of mind.

sell your damaged car for cash

#3 Consider making minor repairs 

While major malfunctions such as the engine, transmission, alternator and fuel pumps may push you into that negative equity territory we touched on in the intro, you still want to have your car looking its best, to get the highest cash offer possible. 

Look at what minor repairs you can carry out that are cost-effective. And never neglect to give your vehicle a thorough clean and wash before presenting it to potential buyers, 

#4 Avoid any fraudulent parties or scammers

While you may have disclosed everything about your damaged car from your side, you still need to be sure that you are dealing with an authorised company or a real person. The automotive industry,  being cash intensive, is subject to strict controls under the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) Act. Ensure that you do some form of background checks on any companies who offer you instant bucks for your banger!

Likewise, in the case of a private sale, make sure that the potential buyer actually exists, has some form of online footprint and can be verified as a legitimate buyer. There’s a growing scrap heap of devious scammers out there – do your homework to avoid becoming their next victim. 

Where to sell your damaged car the hassle-free way?

You can try and sell your broken-down vehicle, part by part – but who has time and patience for that? Luckily, there are a number of companies where you can sell your damaged car, in any condition. Look out specifically for reputable companies that can handle the paperwork required and potentially offer to tow your car away as part of the exchange. Getting rid of a damaged car is now easier than you think – it’s time to let it go and start thinking of smoother journeys ahead