How to increase your resale value when selling your used car

How to increase your resale value when selling your used car

If you, like this writer, happen to own a classic car, or you drive a vehicle that has been passed down through the family, you should be all too familiar with the despondent feeling of having to let go and finally selling your used car. Emotional attachments aside, generating the highest resale value for your second-hand vehicle is another significant factor you need to consider when trying to bank as much cash as possible, against a newer upgrade. 

Don’t be that seller who settles for selling ‘voetstoots’ and gets offended by low cash offers considering its current state. You can’t beat the depreciation algorithm! But there are a few pre-sale hacks when selling your used car to getting your old reliable back into its highest gear.

Follow these simple tips below to maximize your resale value when finally selling your used car.

‘Make it clean to keep them (buyers) keen’

What may have seemed like a Tinder request too irresistible to refuse at first glance, will see you running a mile when you notice that your dream date lives in a pigsty! The exact same reaction can be expected when selling your used car on show day. Make sure that your vehicle looks immaculate, both on the inside and the outside. Get vacuuming and polishing or book a professional valet service. A spotless proposition is very appealing to prospective buyers.

Take your vehicle for a thorough service

Forget flashy rims, neon lights and a thumping subwoofer; used car buyers essentially want a vehicle that they can rely on and works smoothly under the bonnet. Bonus resale value will come your way if you’ve regularly honoured your service history and kept a detailed logbook. Ensure you give the old rusty a full service – attending to all minor auto issues – before selling your used car for good. Did we mention it also builds trust and confidence with your ideal customer?

Don’t modify your car at the last minute!

You may think that adding a premium range subsystem or an aftermarket spoiler will increase your car’s resale value. The reality is you are significantly reducing your focus market. Buyers aren’t willing to pay a premium for your choice of premium extras. Rather spend any additional cash on essential maintenance and repairs before you sell.

Avoid any long road trips this year!

The longer you own and clock up miles on your vehicle, the greater the risk on the open road. Murphy’s Law is capable of rearing its head at any time. So you should keep your driving to a minimum to preserve its condition and avoid any nasty bumps or surprises. By all means, enjoy that summer trip on the open road but rather use a newer vehicle or consider getting a rental car. Speaking of, here are some awesome road trip tips to look forward to, in your next vehicle!

Maintain to maximise moola 

There are many more methods you can apply to maximise your trusted old vehicle’s resale value – not only limited to tyre changes, brake pad replacements, new wipers and a full lighting inspection. To summarise, in three words: “Maintenance is key.”

When it comes to the actual process of selling your used car and finding the perfect buyer for the highest price, your best bet is to tick off the essential checklist above and proceed to load your used vehicle on a trusted online platform that guarantees you buyer credibility and serious cash offers.

The timing of your sale may also come into play, but that is a less important topic for another day.