Time to upsize? Sell your second-hand car online

Time to upsize? Sell your second-hand car online

No matter how much you may love your very first little car, your small trusty runaround, or your 2 seater convertible, there will come a time when that car boot is a little tight and you will need to sell your car and upsize to a slightly bigger one. It is all part of the natural rhythms and seasons of life as families grow and expand.

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” Although not definitive, this line from an American nursery rhyme certainly illustrates how life changes and a car generally needs to change with whatever life throws at you – be that sports gear, musical instruments, camping gear, pets or children. And when the time comes to sell your second-hand smaller car to make way for a bigger one, you will want to get the best cash deal possible to be able to spend that little bit more on a bigger car. A trusted online car selling platform is certainly one of the best solutions for a quick turnaround and getting the best deal when you want to sell and upsize.  

Whether you are wanting to upsize to a minivan, a larger more family-friendly SUV, a 4×4, or a bakkie – you will first need to sell your smaller car. The smaller pre-owned car market is a competitive one, so choosing an innovative online platform like Weelee, where you have 1000s of pre-approved dealers bidding for your vehicle, is going to guarantee you the best deal possible.

Tips for upsizing to a bigger car:

  • It’s all about needs – You may have a lot of wants – and there are some fabulous options out there – but after budget considerations, you need a bigger car to practically and comfortably meet the needs of your family and activities. How many kiddy car seats need to fit on the backseat? Will you be towing a caravan or trailer, or camping trailer? What type of equipment needs to fit in the boot? Do you need an extra row of seats because baby #4 is on the way? Does it need to be a hatchback because you are transporting pets in the back? WIll your weekend activities or family holidays include off-road travel? How big is your garage? 
  • It’s all about wants – So you’ve ticked all your ‘needs’ boxes, now you can consider all the brands of cars in your price range and size category. Each one will offer different additional features and this is where it all comes down to wants and personal preference. Take various cars for a test drive and do your homework on the reviews and your research on how the car will hold its value over time. You will also want to factor fuel consumption costs into the picture. 

Once you have decided on your upsized vehicle of choice, the pressure is on to sell your smaller used car online for the best cash price so you can get all your needs and wants in your next car. 

Selling your pre-owned car online is definitely a fantastic and hassle-free option but there are many competing platforms out there. Choose an online car selling platform that offers a professional service,  a hassle-free and secure online platform as well as testimonials and reviews that back up its online claims.