Should You Sell Your Car During Lockdown? Weighing Up the Pros & Cons

Should You Sell Your Car During Lockdown? Weighing Up the Pros & Cons

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented life-changing space for many of us. We have been at the mercy of lockdowns,  subjected to indefinite curfews and had various restrictions imposed on us – at a moment’s notice. Amidst all the upheaval and delicate balancing act between work and personal life, spare a thought for your spare car that’s been gathering dust – or oil, grease and who knows what else – with little or no activity on the horizon anytime soon. Beyond just the financial windfall you can enjoy when you sell your car, there is actually serious merit in ditching your wheels for good in the era of remote work and cost-effective ride-hailing platforms.

While everyone’s individual circumstances will differ, selling your spare car offers you a range of benefits that you may not have thought of. Of course, it does have its pitfalls too. 

Carefully weigh up the following pros and cons if you’re thinking of making this major decision:

Pro #1 – Ongoing Monthly Savings
Beyond the obvious cash in your pocket when you sell your car, there is a surprisingly long list of ongoing savings you can enjoy as you go “relatively car-free” in 2021 and beyond. 

  • No more hefty petrol expenses and being at the mercy of the fluctuating fuel price.
  • That grudge monthly car insurance premium can now be cancelled. 
  • Say goodbye to traffic fines. (Just don’t forget to pay off the existing fines that remain on your record) 
  • The awful process involved in renewing your annual license disc will be a glorious thing of the past.
  • Savings for major or minor services can now be better spent on your home or holiday (or school fees).

Pro #2  – The affordability of ride-hailing platforms

Up until the launch of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Bolt, going car-less was generally a no-no in this country. Luckily, the competitive price of taking frequent local trips has made the option of selling your spare car a viable, long-term alternative. Frequent riders are also regularly rewarded with discounted trips which can substantially reduce your travel expenses in any given month. And by booking a trip you’re creating more job opportunities – exactly what this economy needs right now!

Pro #3 – Safer for you, cleaner for the environment

Driving in rush-hour traffic can be one of the most stressful situations that we put ourselves under. Lockdown has given us enough anxiety moments – so sell your car to relieve some of that pressure by allowing someone else to take control of the wheel, or replace short daily commutes with walking or cycling.

The environment will thank you too. Taking one car off the road might not put a significant dent in our carbon footprint reduction, but if the movement takes off and more cars are removed from our roads, we can all enjoy cleaner air and play our part in creating a more sustainable future while we patiently wait for electric cars to become the norm. 

Admittedly though, going car-free also comes with its downsides: 

Con #1 – Location, location

It’s all well and good making the decision to get rid of your wheels if you live in a major city. However, in many parts of our beautiful country it’s very difficult to get anywhere in a hurry without the availability of a car. This argument definitely leans heavily in favour of the city slickers.

Con#2 – Road Trips
Epic summer or long weekend trips to the coast or your favourite mountain getaway or bush retreat become a challenge without a sturdy vehicle to pack your belongings and your kids and get you there. However, with the ongoing savings that you bank all year without paying the running costs of a vehicle, you can hire a rental car for a special occasion to still enjoy those special holiday moments. Book well in advance to enjoy the best rates.

Con #3 Shopping

Sacrificing your car also comes with the downside of not being able to drop your hefty weekly shopping haul right on your doorstep. Buying any heavy or bulky goods will also incur hefty delivery or transport costs. (But perhaps this is just the incentive you need to embrace online grocery shopping?).

With WFH becoming the norm, selling your car during lockdown has not just become a financial consideration but also a commitment to a drastic lifestyle change. If you think you are up to the challenge of living car-free, the easiest way to sell your car quickly is through a variety of online car marketplaces which allow you to market your car to pre-approved buyers or car dealers for quick cash.
It’s been a tough year, but perhaps the motivation above is just about to make 2021 a lot more interesting.