Prebo Digital and Mr Price Home Join Forces

Prebo Digital and Mr Price Home Join Forces

Prebo Digital is thrilled to announce a new and dynamic collaboration with Mr Price Home, the beloved South African retailer specialising in homeware, furniture, and décor.

Shared Values Driving Success

At the heart of this partnership is a strong alignment of values. Both Prebo Digital and Mr Price Home are driven by a passion for delivering exceptional value and service and fostering strong partnerships. This common ground is the cornerstone of their collaboration and is set to propel both companies towards mutual growth and success.

Timo Dinkelman, founder and CEO of Prebo Digital, shares his excitement: “A significant factor in our enthusiasm for this partnership is the clear alignment on core values: passion, added value, and partnership. These are more than words on a wall; the Mr Price Home team strongly communicated these core values throughout our meetings. We’re confident this shared foundation will fuel our success together.”

Strategic Growth Through Expertise

Prebo Digital is renowned for transforming business goals into impactful digital marketing strategies. Their new role with Mr Price Home involves managing a comprehensive suite of Google Ads campaigns. This includes crafting data-driven strategies to maximise impact and conversions and providing ongoing campaign management and performance optimisation.

Leveraging its expertise in big data, Prebo Digital ensures scalability across data housing, processing, and visualisation. This real-time analysis across various marketing channels allows them to quickly adapt to shifts in customer behaviour, refining marketing strategies to enhance effectiveness. For Mr Price Home, this translates into more efficient campaigns and increased profitability.

Precious Chindongo, founder and CEO of Prebo Digital, emphasises the value of their experience: “We have a proven track record in e-commerce, developing successful omnichannel strategies, and seamlessly bridging the gap between online and physical stores. Our expertise in marketing data models, reporting, and insights will drive brand growth and achieve Mr Price Home’s business objectives.”

Prebo Digital and Mr Price Home collaborate

About Prebo Digital

Prebo Digital is a trusted performance marketing agency providing full-funnel digital marketing solutions, data-driven strategies, and insights. They empower businesses to achieve sustainable growth online.

About Mr Price Home

Mr Price Home is a leading South African retailer offering a wide range of stylish, value-for-money home décor, furniture, and lifestyle products. The brand is renowned for its value and for creating inspiring living spaces.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and the following impactful campaigns!