‘Tis the season for savvy organisation | Prepping for a clutter-free Christmas

‘Tis the season for savvy organisation | Prepping for a clutter-free Christmas

Love it or hate it, it’s hard to ignore the Christmas countdown calendars on social media and the festive music in the malls. The holiday season is upon us and the joy and celebrations come with the inevitable chaos of decorating, gift shopping, letters to Santa and seasonal paraphernalia. Before your inner Grinch emerges, now is the time to embark on a journey to make your home not only festive but also impeccably organised. 

From decking the halls with ‘boughs of holly’ to tidying up post-celebrations, a few savvy organisational solutions and storage tips, along with some fantastic products, will ensure a stress-free holiday season.

Pre-Christmas organisational tips

The thought of prepping for the Christmas season may seem overwhelming. You may not have access to a magic wand, fairy godmother or Santa’s elves, but perhaps some Christmas gnomes will help.😉 (Their cuteness is likely to bring some of the festive spirit into your home). 

Pre-Christmas organisational tips + Christmas gnomes decor

But if your collection of mischievous Christmas gnomes doesn’t oblige as little helpers, here are some savvy organisational tips to help you stay sane amid the upcoming Christmas holiday chaos:

Label everything:

Labels are every organiser’s secret weapon. Categorising and labelling all your storage containers for ornaments, lights, and other decorations will make life a breeze for unpacking your holiday accessories and helping you pack away and stay organised for next year’s stress-free decorating.

Drawer dividers:

The kitchen is one space that does become ‘command central’ over the holiday season. Festive baking is a special time for making family memories and entertaining friends. Maximise your drawer and pantry space by using dividers to sort and store small items, baking accessories, cookie cutters, and festive napkin rings in separate compartments for easy access.

Clear storage containers:

Transparent glass containers or plastic storage bins make it easy to identify the contents, making them perfect for storing ornaments, garlands, and other decorations without the need to open each box.

Gift-wrapping station:

Setting up a designated gift-wrapping station is the first step to streamlining your to-do list. Have your gift wrap rolls, bags, ribbons and tags accessible and ready.

Savvy organisational tips to help you stay sane amid the upcoming Christmas holiday chaos

Post-Christmas organisational tips

Decorating the tree, placing the Christmas stockings, hanging the fairy lights and wrapping the gifts are all fun seasonal activities where the whole family can be involved. But packing away is a chore that comes with few volunteers. 

Post-Christmas organisational tips and storage solutions for decorations

Forewarned is forearmed. If you want to make cleanup as simple and hassle-free as possible, here are a few storage solutions to help you pack up after the season. 

Clever ornament storage:

Keep your Christmas baubles bits and bobs safe and neatly organized with ornament storage solutions. These specially designed containers protect delicate decorations, preventing breakage and ensuring they stay in pristine condition, year after year.

Wreath and gift-wrap storage:

Clear plastic bins come in all shapes and sizes. Preserve the shape and beauty of your wreaths and keep your excess gift wrap rolls and bags neatly stored. Baskets are also a great organisational option.

Donate or dispose:

As you take down decorations, evaluate what you no longer need. Donate gently used items or dispose of anything that is broken. This timely strategy ensures you’re only storing what truly adds value to your holiday decor.

Ziplock bags for lights:

Avoid the dreaded tangled mess of holiday lights by wrapping each strand around your arm and storing them in individual ziplock bags. Or wrap each set of lights around a rolled-up magazine or cardboard tube and then store them in a basket or plastic container.

Vacuum storage bags:

When space is limited vacuum storage bags come to the rescue for bulky items like tree skirts, festive blankets, cushions, tablecloths and linen.  These can be safely stored under the bed, in top cupboards and hung in your closet.


The festive holiday season comes around every year. By being prepared and incorporating savvy organisational tips and products, you’ll be well-prepared for both the pre and post-Christmas hustle and bustle and there’ll be no way that the Grinch will steal your Christmas spirit.