Dining Room Furniture – Invite Your Friends

Dining Room Furniture – Invite Your Friends

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the dining room – whether open-plan or a separate space – is the happy place of the home. Dining rooms are that central hub to gather and connect with friends and family and make memories around a table while sharing a meal. So it makes design sense to carefully consider your dining room furniture pieces as these investment pieces need to not only be beautiful but also offer long-term functional value. 

Buying dining room furniture from a reputable online marketplace is a convenient and smart solution to accessing new and secondhand furniture in various price ranges and from a wide variety of vendors. No matter what your preference or decor taste – you can source what you are looking for online.

The hero pieces of any dining room space are the table and chairs – from a traditional matching suite to the mixing and matching of tables and chairs. This is where customised fun comes in, allowing you to express your personality and give your space a bespoke identity. 

The dining space is all about the furniture you choose. From contemporary, traditional and industrial to modern farmhouse, eclectic and French chic, the starting point is always your dining room table and chairs and from there you can add personalised decor interest and make your dinner guests fall in love with your room. 

Although there are no real rules – there are some basic design principles you may want to bear in mind when deciding which dining room furniture is best for your home. 

Size matters

You need to start with the size of your space and the practicality of the dining table. Although the table and chairs are the centrepieces, they shouldn’t completely overwhelm the room. Once chairs are added and your family or guests are seated, you need to ensure that you can easily move around the room. It is all about the flow. (And that is without even considering the principles of Feng Shui). Always make sure of your measurements before buying.

Shape matters

This is where you can have fun choosing bespoke furniture for your dining room. A huge chunk of your budget will go into the table, so decide on the shape upfront. What shape do you love and will that shape work in your space? Answer these two questions by taking into account the size of your space and the overall design of your home. The rest is then up to budget and the materials and finish of choice. 

Style matters

This is where design comes into play. The style, finish and materials of the dining room table and chairs you decide on will definitely be a focal point and statement piece in your home. 

If you are a modern minimalist – you might choose a glass table and partner it with simple plastic chairs or industrial metal chairs. Love French country chic? Then perhaps a whitewashed or distressed wooden table with patterned upholstered feature chairs and a bench. 

Or perhaps you are more of a traditionalist and you love an heirloom antique mahogany table. Why not add an element of surprise and simplicity by adding ghost chairs? Of course, you can embrace an informal look with a painted table in a bright bold colour. Or go ahead and embrace the trend of pared-back retro simplicity with a mid-century dining room table and chairs. 

There are no real rules. Have fun and mix and match different styles and eras. 

If you are a social butterfly and just love entertaining or if you are a homebody and just love having family and close friends around your table, your dining room furniture is a quintessential investment that makes this possible. 

Your happy space starts by shopping online for new or secondhand pieces you love and then sending out the invites to your next dinner party.