Facebook: Introducing New Automation Tools to Increase Sales and Drive Growth

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Facebook: Introducing New Automation Tools to Increase Sales and Drive Growth

Businesses are looking for ways to overcome economic uncertainty while navigating platform and privacy changes. Starting today, we’re bringing new tools to Meta Advantage to help every advertiser leverage the power of AI and automation — maximizing the performance of their ad spend. Following up on our announcement earlier this year, we’re now introducing Advantage+ shopping campaigns to advertisers globally.

We’ve found that 52% of consumers want to find brands and products they haven’t heard about, but align with their shopping preferences. Through Advantage+ solutions, advertisers can tap into the power of AI to provide more relevant campaigns to the people who matter most to their businesses.

Introducing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns 

Advantage+ shopping campaigns help advertisers get smarter and faster on which campaigns are converting. It eliminates the manual steps of ad creation and automates up to 150 creative combinations at once. This helps advertisers more quickly learn what ads are working, while making the most of their advertising budget.

Rolling out to ecommerce and retail advertisers on August 15, the Advantage+ shopping campaigns tool gives advertisers new ways to optimize campaigns. Advantage+ shopping campaigns uses AI to automate the campaign creation process and is powered by new machine learning models.

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In a study of 15 A/B tests, we discovered that Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. With these savings, businesses can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more efficiently.

Advertisers like KIDLY, a UK children’s retailer, have used Advantage+ shopping campaigns to reach new customers and drive sales.

“As a business, we are always looking for new ways to optimize campaigns and drive sales more efficiently. With Meta Advantange+ shopping campaigns, we saw an uplift in return on ad spend, with little time and effort required. As a result, we’ve incorporated the product into our marketing strategy”.

– Sophie Voller, Senior Social Media Manager, KIDLY. 

Bringing Automation to Small Businesses 

Small businesses will also be able to use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience to create ads through their Facebook Page. These tools help them save time while using less dollars to learn which ad is performing best.

  • Advantage+ creative automatically adjusts ad creative for each person who views your ad. This helps show them the version they’re most likely to respond to, delivering better ad performance.
  • Advantage audience creates a personalized audience based on your Page details and automatically adjusts over time to help you reach more relevant people with your ad.

Starting today, small businesses can leverage Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience when they create ads from their Facebook Page. 

Additional Updates to Advantage+ Solutions

  • Advantage+ App Campaigns: We’ve added several new features to Advantage+ App Campaigns, helping advertisers increase the performance of app install campaigns. These updates include more creative flexibility with asset pairing and improved stability, 7-day click attribution capabilities to improve performance for campaigns with longer conversion windows, split testing capabilities to identify effective strategies and more granular reporting insights with region and ad-level reporting. 
  • Advantage+ Creative: Now advertisers have more options to optimize their creative in Ads Manager. When an advertiser uploads an image or video for a campaign, they can create multiple versions of an ad that are optimized for what the viewer is most likely to respond to with standard enhancements. We’re also beginning to test a new optimization that will add music from our sound catalog to image-based ads, creating a more immersive experience for placements in Reels ads.  

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Across our technologies, our investments in AI-powered discovery have helped us create a more relevant social experience, connecting people to things they’re interested in. With these updates, we’re utilizing that same power of AI and machine learning-fueled discovery to improve the experience for advertisers, as well.