Facebook: Never Miss a Group Call Again

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Facebook: Never Miss a Group Call Again

At a time when so many of us are apart, there’s nothing better than getting together on a group call with friends and family, and there’s nothing worse than realizing that you missed a special moment.

As the popularity of group calls continues to grow, we’ve been working to improve the experience for people on WhatsApp — while of course still providing the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption.

Today we’re introducing the ability to join a group call, even after it’s started. Joinable calls reduce the burden of answering a group call as it starts, and brings the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to group calling on WhatsApp. 

Some of the best conversations happen when you least expect it. Now, if someone in your group misses a call when the phone rings, they can still join whenever they like. You can also drop-off and re-join so long as the call is still ongoing.

WhatsApp Joinable Group Calls screenshots

We’ve also created a call info screen so you can see who is already on the call, and who has been invited but not yet joined. And, if you hit ‘Ignore’ you can join later from the calls tab in WhatsApp. 

Joinable calls are starting to roll out today and we hope people can make the most of the new experience. 

You can read more about how to try it out here