Facebook: Protecting People From Domain Abuse

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Facebook: Protecting People From Domain Abuse

This week, we filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania against New Ventures Services Corp. (NVSC), a company that has repeatedly engaged in cybersquatting activities. NVSC registered hundreds of lookalike domain names that could be used to deceive people by impersonating Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Fake domain names are frequently used in many types of scams, such as phishing campaigns, tech support scams and reward scams, to trick people into thinking a site is connected to a legitimate company. To protect people from harm, we regularly scan the internet for domain names and apps that infringe on our trademarks. We identified a large number of domain names that were used or resold by NVSC or its affiliates over the years that could reasonably be used to impersonate Facebook and our services, such as , and

This lawsuit is part of a series we are filing to protect people from domain name abuse.