Apple Computers – A grade ahead of all its rivals in the PC Bowl

Apple Computers – A grade ahead of all its rivals in the PC Bowl

What more can we say about Apple computers that hasn’t already been said and etched into the history and accounting books? There was definitely something stronger than marijuana being smoked up when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniack and co began their business venture out of a garage in Los Altos, California. Exactly 35 years later, Apple is now the second most valuable brand in the world. (They recently lost their long-held, top position to Amazon). To date, many films, books and biopics have been made, documenting the relentless innovation and success of Apple computers

We narrow down the 3 main factors that drove Apple’s success and catapulted the company into the IT giant that it has become today.

#1 A strategic vision towards relentless innovation

“Once you ‘go Mac,’ you never go back.” (No, we’re not talking about makeup and beauty products). Whether you were an early adopter or a late converter from a Windows PC, everything on Apple just seems better. 

With each release of Apple Computers, iPhones and other devices, quality is never compromised, security is always prioritised, and things just work. Innovation never stops at the Apple ‘orchard;’ the company strives to create an ecosystem and value system for their loyal fans that consistently improves on previous product releases. You’ll be hard pushed to find a Mac user willing to go back to Windows PC!

#2 Staying ahead of the curve (and its competitors)

One creative theory behind the design of the legendary Apple computers’ logo is that the missing chunk of the Apple represents the company constantly “taking a bite out of its competitors.” Urban legends aside, Apple has always stayed ahead of its competitors, ensuring it never goes ‘stale’. 

While the general public marvel and enjoy the most recent product releases, the company is already conceptualising and prototyping products that will only be released years into the future. It is this unrelenting vision that allows Apple to dominate the market and always keep its competitors on their toes. 

Apple computers

#3 Quality products backed up by real customer service

We’ve bundled two factors into one for our final salute to Apple computers and their natural hack of remaining top of the IT “harvest.” Steve Jobs’ early obsession with perfection was centred on creating products that were beautiful, simple to use, and virtually issue-free. Some say that Bill Gates still lives with the recurring nightmare of not being able to match the user interface that Mac got right from the get-go. 

Apple’s commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the checkout though; its customer experience is near-unrivalled, with an open-door policy for Apple computers and device owners to visit their retail stores for any assistance. 

Apple store employees are generally long-converted Apple ambassadors and the company offers direct access to its loyal customers to quickly eliminate any issues on their near-flawless devices. (Perhaps Bill should take a leaf out of Apple’s book and open the proverbial retail “gates” to millions of frustrated PC users?).

Take a chunk out of Apple’s catalogue and upgrade today

In conclusion – and panning back to the unmistakable Apple logo – perhaps what the company has taught us, is that it will never bear full fruit. There will always be exciting innovations to release, always room for improvement, and always more PC users to convert. That mysterious Apple “bite” may just represent the potential technology that nobody (except Apple) ever knew existed. 

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