Samsung Tablets to look out for in 2021

Samsung Tablets to look out for in 2021

Unless you’re a complete Apple devotee and regularly need to be surgically detached from your iPad, quick research on the best available tablets on the market frequently points to Samsung tablets as the best device you can get your hands on. Samsung certainly leads the way in the Android Tablet market, elevating the benchmark for other technology manufacturers to follow. And with tablet components being developed and upgraded at a blistering pace, it is truly mind-blowing what the Korean tech leader can fit into a 7-inch, a 10-inch and even a 12.4-inch device. 

Fast-forward to 2021 and Samsung’s launch of the S21 range of 5G phones. Consumers will be excited to know that the company has injected similar specs and features into its current tablet range. 

Whether you are looking for a bare-bones device for everyday essentials or demand a state-of-the-art entertainment and professional design option, Samsung tablets tick many if not all, boxes – for working, streaming and playing.. 

Below are just some of the current models that Samsung offer that you may want to consider, depending on your checklist:


The A range of Samsung Tablets 

While the A-series (Galaxy Tab A) is generally regarded as the entry-level, or budget-friendly range of Samsung tablets, they still manage to integrate the latest technology that Samsung Electronics is renowned for. Whether you decide on a compact 8-inch option (A8) or supersize up to the 10.1-inch model, each device offers a premium design, stunning screen resolution and advanced audio quality – all on par with their phone device equivalents. 

The Samsung A series tablets range also comes as a wifi-only device, with the addition of a 4G LTE SIM slot, allowing you to browse or stream – anytime, anywhere. It is a perfect tablet device for a student or as an extra device around the home.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+

On the other end of Samsung’s tablet spectrum, comes the premium S7 range of tablets – arguably the most impressive Android tablet on the market. It certainly gives the iPad Pro a serious run for its money, in all departments. What particularly sets the S7 range apart from its competitors, is its incredible 13-hour battery life. 

The 11 inch Galaxy Tab S7 also comes with a dual-lens rear camera, allowing you to take professional-quality photos and the bonus of a much larger screen – (did we mention its glorious AMOLED display?) – to review, edit, and share your snapshots on the go. It also comes with the S Pen which will particularly appeal to graphic artists,  but also to everyday doodlers. 

The S7+ is a replication of its sister device but with the benefit of a larger 12.4-inch screen. The only drawback to the S7 series is admittedly, its lack of a headphone input. However, this is quickly circumvented by pairing the device up to wireless Bluetooth headphones so as not to skip a beat. 

Transform Samsung Tablets into a PC, via a Dex station

Samsung has listened to its customers’ request for a full PC experience handheld device by introducing the Samsung DeX station. If you haven’t heard of DeX yet, it is a simple docking station that connects your Samsung tablet (or phone) to a whole world of connection possibilities. It is the most convenient way to connect your Samsung experience to an external monitor and it also allows you to connect peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard to replicate the PC experience while staying firmly within the Samsung ecosystem. 

Match a Samsung to your budget and screen size requirements

If you enjoy the Galaxy S series mobile experience, rest assured that Samsung tablets can provide a similarly impressive user experience, with all the bells and whistles, in a larger screen format. 

While this article has only highlighted the most recent releases, consumers can also grab a serious bargain on the Galaxy S6 tablet series, or earlier versions of the A-series tablets, if you shop around on an online platform that sells both new and used Samsung Tablets models. So, set your budget, decide on the minimum specs you require and treat yourself to a Samsung tablets upgrade, for work, play or whatever!