Taurai Mudamburi aka Adhala Wegonyeti embreces blockchain technology

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Taurai Mudamburi  aka Adhala Wegonyeti embreces blockchain technology

“Ndaiti, and I believe in love” prove that driving is not his job, music is a big deal for him that is why for so many, Adhala Wegonyeti music rings true. “

HARARE, METROPOLITAN PROVINCE, ZIMBABWE, March 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Taurai Mudamburi commonly known as “ADHALA WEGONYETI” is one of the Zimbabwean musicians who has embraced blockchain-based music app Zeptagram. The platform allows artists and music labels to give fans access to music royalty opportunities.

Mudamburi who was born and bred in Gutu, Masvingo province Zimbabwe and currently based in Capetown, South Africa. As for now Adhala Wegonyeti has six singles and two videos. He is currently a commercial truck driver. “I started driving local routes, then moved on to the cross border trucks in South Africa where I am based. I wrote six of my other songs back in my days on the road, none of which went anywhere, and all of them mostly love songs. I was also not registered to any collecting agency,” said Mudamburi in an interview.

Listening to his music, you will not quickly realize that he was the one behind the big wheels. Mudamburi (Adhala wegonyeti) is not far from becoming one of the finest artists. Songs like ” Ndaiti, and I believe in love ” prove that driving is not his job, music is a big deal for him that is why for so many, Adhala wegonyeti music rings true.

“I’ve always loved singing Afro Jazz music,” said Mudamburi “I’m just so grateful to TelosZim for this opportunity. It’s been an amazing journey, so far and I’m grateful for all the support the fans and family have given me and my music.”

Before he joined Zeptagram, Mudamburi said that he was not benefitting from his music. Networking is the lifeblood of the music industry. Mudamburi is now registered with STIM which will help him in collecting and distributing royalties on an individual basis. That means I can benefit from any platform, or radio stations playing my music. I am selling art; I need to be able to foster good relationships with the people working around me. I am taking my chance as the great escape to showcase on an international festival, global collaboration and bigger Network, crowdfunding.

I got to know about Zeptagram through one of my fans, Faith Mukudu, who connected me to the Teloszim team. TelosZim is a blockchain marketing solution for startups and regenerative systems.

“I was happy to be connected with Zeptagram, which is based in Sweden, a blockchain based trading platform where music ip-rights owners can tokenize their assets”” added Mudamburi

Zeptagram offers composers & IP owners a fair and transparent platform where they can easily and quickly monetize existing songs. Create a new marketplace where fans, rights buyers, and brands can partner with artists on a song-by-song basis.

Speaking to Godknows from TelosZim he said, through TelosZim we are going to see more artists bracing the Technology across Africa. Artists are using TelosZim as a tool to connect with the global Network. “We are creating strong Network opportunities for independent and established artists, we will see more culture exchange, free marketing, collaboration, and international touring among artists. Zeptagram, decentralized application, is powered by the Telos-blockchain Network, a crowdfunding platform where you can raise funds in exchange for royalty rights,” said Godknows.

Once the community grows and if you have followers you can invite them and give them a share of your intellectual property. What this means is artists will be able to share their music with their supporters, in this way, they will be able to connect with their Fans directly, for example, the artists can give their fans ( investors) 30 percent of a period, and the artists get 70 percent let’s say over a period of 10 years.

Before you can publish on a web, your song or music needs to have an international identification number like ISWC. You need to do your KYC, this is where you do your identity verification. It is important you have to do KYC as it’s fundraising. If you want to upload your music, the Web is there for artists listing music and to the fans Zeptagram apps available on Google Play Store, and Apple Store. Let us move towards a more inclusive future that fosters rather than exploits the artists.

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