Selling Cars South Africa – Check Weelee out!

Selling Cars South Africa – Check Weelee out!

If the time has come for you to part with your trusty wheels, an online car selling platform is your best option hands down. This is especially applicable when considering reach, convenience and price – the trilogy of simplicity and success – and that is not something you have time to compromise on. Life is hectic, and there is no need to add further stress when selling your car online. So grab your laptop or phone and a cup of coffee and start the process. 

But let’s first address the elephants in the room: private sales and trade-ins. With a private sale, there is a small chance you may get a higher price, but it is really not worth the time, inconvenience and significant overall risk. Trading in your car leaves you without any negotiating power and always ends with a lower offer – often far less than the book value. So, let’s remove those two options from the table and sing the praises of selling your car online.


Each website will offer you significant reach and exposure to a variety of prospective buyers. That is extremely valuable. However, your private online sales initiative is unlikely to have the same following or access to online buyers that a credible online platform does, so leverage that to your advantage. Of course, you can still make a difference by improving your marketing effort. For instance, before registering, take great photos of your car and be specific about details so that when you do upload it on a car selling platform,  it stands out above its online peers. 


Convenience is definitely a real benefit when selling your car online. Who has time nowadays to drive from dealership to dealership and navigate the logistical processes when selling? Exactly, no one! But selling on an online platform opens up the marketplace in an instant. 

  • Firstly, you can sell your car from anywhere. 
  • Secondly, you get immediate access to potential buyers and uploading and advertising your car is simple. 
  • Thirdly, a website like Weelee has simplified its process to 3 easy steps and has a clear explanation of what the process involves as well as an online team that will stay in contact with you throughout the process. 


This is where online websites are not all created equal. When selling your pre-owned car, you obviously want the best cash price possible. With most websites, you will only get one offer from a buyer and that could take a few days to transpire.  So, when an online car selling platform like Weelee promises you the best cash deal for your second-hand car (thanks to their innovative and secure online bidding process by 1000’s of pre-approved dealers), you are in a unique position to get multiple competitive offers. This pushes up the price offers for your car and you get to decide which offer to accept. And this is all over a 24-hour period. That certainly takes selling cars online to the next level! 

Time to sell your car? Go online! Online car selling platforms are set up to take the stress out of selling your car. So, sit back and relax, do your homework, read the reviews, and find the best online sales platform that will guarantee you the best cash deal possible.