Why Selling Your Car Online is the best option

Why Selling Your Car Online is the best option

South Africa’s bad press when it comes to crime. hijackings and corruption has locals on high alert wherever they go. So, when it comes to selling cars in South Africa, it goes without saying that if you are looking to sell your preowned car, you will cautiously and carefully consider all your options. 

Should you sell your car privately?

The market for selling cars in South Africa is unregulated when it comes to private second-hand sales, and the process can involve numerous frustrations and complicated logistics when navigating a private sale. Then there are shady buyers and scam artists who could be lurking around every corner. They are smooth operators and although they may promise you the world and an inflated cash price for your car – you probably shouldn’t take the risk. (If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). Also, in our current times, you do not want any stranger coming onto your property to do a deal and it would be unwise to meet a stranger in just any designated location. 

Should you trade your car in? 

Trading your car in may seem like the safest option when looking to upsize or downsize, but generally speaking, you will get lower than the book value. That is just the reality of selling cars in South Africa. Trading in your car means you get one offer and you are not in control of the negotiations, losing any leverage to a wheeler-dealer, and having to negotiate from a position of weakness. You are a once-off seller while they are pros!

Should you sell your car online?

Good question! Your online car selling options in South Africa are numerous with many competitors fighting it out for your attention. You probably don’t have to do much research as their ads keep showing up on your Facebook page! 

Generally speaking, online platforms are a viable and safe option – but here’s the issue – once again you are only getting one offer, so you are not guaranteed the best cash price unless you go through the process several times. Considering South Africa’s economic downturn, you cannot afford to compromise on the price you get for your car.  

Enter Weelee, a major online player when selling pre-owned and pre-loved cars in South Africa. 

  1. Weelee is the safe option. Your details remain anonymous until you accept the bid you choose from one of Weelee’s 1000’s of vetted, pre-approved and reputable dealers who will be bidding online for your car.  All vehicle registration number plates and any other personal information is blurred. 
  2. Speaking of dealers, this is where Weelee comes into its own as the sure option. Instead of only one offer for your car, you will get multiple offers over a 24-hour period and it is up to you which offer you accept. (Or you can simply choose to walk away and accept no offer – you are under no obligation!)  You cannot pay for that peace of mind.
  3. Weelee is the free and easy option. There are really no hidden registration fees or online costs. You simply upload your car on their hassle-free platform in 3 steps and then you wait for the bids to start coming in. 
  4. Weelee is the convenient option. WIth Weelee, you can sell your car from anywhere – from the safety of your home, from a hammock on the beach or from your favourite coffee shop. All you need is a laptop or phone and some data. And watching the bids come in is really exciting – you will want to share that with a friend. But wait, there’s more….
  5. Last, but not least, Weelee is the proven option. Weelee has hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers in South Africa who have successfully sold their cars for the best cash price and who cannot stop raving about their Weelee experience. 

At the end of the day, there really is only one option when selling cars in South Africa.  Weelee’s proven and innovative online service means you can safely sell your car knowing that you will get the best cash price. That definitely makes Weelee worth checking out. 

So, to all South Africans – be safe and Weelee it!